Currently Obsessed With


  1. I bought a pair of Hurley Phantom Sandals after walking one too many miles in my havaianas. The difference is incredible. They are a bit pricey for a pair of flip flops, but if you are doing a lot of walking I highly recommend these. They feel like a Nike sneaker with a sturdy sole and arch support. *Mine are black and white*
  2. I bought this baggu shark tote for $10 before I left San Francisco. It is my every day beach bag. I can easily fit everything I need for the day into it. The best part is after a day at the beach I can just flip it inside out and get all the sand out. Light weight and very durable. $10 well spent!
  3. Sun Bum sunscreen. Ok Ok. I'm a sucker for nice packaging, but this stuff also smells amazing and is good for your skin. A lot of sunscreens are filled with too many chemicals. Although Sun Bum isn't 100% natural, they are made with better ingredients than most sunscreens sold in your every day store. I bought this off of amazon (because it sells on the beach for double the cost). 
  4. Longan Berry. Cat and I bought these at a fruit stand on the North shore and were instantly obsessed. They are similar to a Lychee in texture, but they have a sweeter taste, almost like a grape. I found a farmers market near us that sells them and we bring them for a beach snack. I also froze a couple just to see how they would taste... YUM! 



Stromae. I feel I'm late in discovering this European talent, but better late than never. When I find something musically that I like, I become seriously obsessed with it. I've been youtubing a lot of his live performances, and all it is doing is making me more in love with his music. This song in particular is my jam


Another thing I'm late to the party for is Broad City. I think I might have had my head too lost in Game of Thrones to check this out when I kept hearing the name everywhere I turned. Cat and I watched the first season in a couple of nights and we were laughing so hard, like, cackling. 


I am 2 weeks in with doing pilates every day and it is the first workout I can honestly say I've ever liked. I actually love it. I feel like part of me loving it so much comes from not putting any pressure on myself for some overnight magic to happen. I love it because it's helping my body heal and get stronger. I love it because I feel better after I do it. Before I came on this trip I was going to physical therapy every week to try and get my back and pelvis back to normal. I also have a lot of sciatic pain and doing pilates every day is helping with it a lot. I'm just doing beginner videos on youtube right now, starting slow. But every day I feel better and actually look forward to my workout. It's playing a nice part in my mind, body, soul reboot that I'm on.  When I get back to the city I hope to find a class to join and make it a part of my new routine. 

Book Report

Girl Power!

 I've read 3 books this month, all written by women. Following is a short book review with some things I've learned from each book and how I've applied it in my life thus far. 

Not That Kind Of Girl, by Lena Dunham

This was the first book I read once I got to the island. I devoured it in a few days. I would be cracking up to myself by the pool and could hear Lena's very distinct voice in my head while I was reading her words. Lena is honest, hilarious, and says a lot of the things that most of us (myself for sure) find hard to say out loud. I liked the little chapters about emails that she wished she had written to people.The lists of things she's learned from her parents and the things she's learned that are not okay to say to your friends. I once told my best friend "how are you going to fit your fat foot into that skinny boot?" We laugh about it now, but it was an awful thing to say.  If I were to compose a list of things not to say to your friends, that would be on it. For the record, she doesn't even have a fat foot.  I will for sure read this book a 2nd time.

The Paris Wife, by Paula McLain 

Works of fiction are a little more difficult for me to get into. I bought this book a year ago, started it and then sat it down. I decided to pack it with me for this trip and I'm happy that I did. It is a historical work of fiction written from the voice and perspective of Ernest Hemmingway's first wife Hadley Richardson. It takes place in the 1920's during the jazz age in Paris. I love this era. I also love that this is based on real events and I was able to google image Hadley and see what she really looked like. I was able to see a photo of Hadley, Ernest, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald all sitting around a table at an outdoor cafe in Paris. I would stare at the photos for a long time. *Spoiler alert if you don't already know*One part of the book that really made me nervous was when Hadley was on her way to meet Ernest and decided to surprise him by bringing all of his written work up to date.... and then she lost it on the train. In the book Ernest reacts pretty lovingly, but I'm not sure that's how it really went down. The other week I was walking with Cat's very expensive camera. I was taking extreme caution while carrying it but I made a dumb mistake of putting it into a flimsy backpack, which of course came unzipped while I was walking. The camera crashed to the concrete. My heart sank. I called Cat to tell her what I had done and the first thing she asked was if I was ok. I realized in that moment more about love than I have in a long time.  I flashed to the Paris wife and how afraid Hadley was to tell Ernest she lost his work. Once I finished this book I felt sad that I didn't have a book club. I really really really still want to discuss this book.  *note* Cat's camera is A-ok. 

Yes Please, by Amy Poehler

Who doesn't love Amy Poehler?! This book is a very quick read. Amy is not only funny but super smart and hard working. I really enjoyed the chapter called "I'm so proud of you" which touches on how differently women are treated in the industry. (Let's be honest, women are treated differently in life. Lena also talks about this a lot in her book). Amy is pretty quick to put people in their place. This chapter has a story of how she let some producer hug her after he messed up her bit. I've been dealing with older men in Waikiki telling me their opinions a lot. Letting me know I need more sun, or that I don't swim with proper technique and then badgering me to show them the proper way to swim. After reading this book I feel a little more empowered and I will probably yell "You can't hug me!" at the next opinionated man. 

I love that I have so much time to read. All of my books have sand in them along with a thin layer of sunscreen from touching my legs while I read. Next time I open these I hope to remember exactly where I was when I read them. 

Any suggestions as to what to read next?


Thanksgiving in flipflops

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving day filled with lots of love and gratitude. Cat and I did a lot of walking around, some face timing with our families, and a little relaxing at the beach before heading to dinner with a friend. While face-timing with my Mom she kept announcing to everyone "They're at the beach! Can you even believe it?" I still can't believe it myself. There is so much to be thankful for. This year has really been a whirlwind of excitement and change, and I'm so happy to be experiencing all of it with an open heart and Cat by my side. 

As i've mentioned before, I love to document and make videos. I put together this one with some shots we've been taking when we are out and about.  

We have a chocolate macadamia nut pie in the fridge that is extremely dangerous without more people around to help consume. Dialing in will power now!  Enjoy all those leftovers and family and friend time.  I'd love to give everyone in my family an extra big hug right now. I miss you guys!!